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Dressing up for Halloween? Well, it’s kind of normal in this house…

My son enjoys wearing costumes. Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that. It doesn’t have to be Halloween for my son to dress up as a superhero or a Ninja or a pirate.

For him, the debate for trick-or-treating this year was which of his many costumes would he wear.

Would it be the happy skeleton?


Would it be the intense Ninja?


The superhero?


Or the pirate?

He finally chose the pirate, mainly because that was the costume that we had all the pieces for and it was very warm for our 38 degree jaunt on the trick-or-treating trail. We only lasted about 20 minutes before we were back inside huddled under blankets with hot cocoa.

Because I’m FIIIIIVE!! {Pennsylvania Child Photographer}

Me: “You’re so crazy kid.”

Him: “I know — because I’m fiiiive!”

Me: “Well, enjoy five because you’ll be six in three weeks.”

Him: “I know and six is crazy too! My cousins are six!”

Me: *sigh*


Project 365: Having a blast learning more about lighting {Pennsylvania Child Photographer}

As I progress through my 365 project, which I started on my birthday this year, I’m enjoying utilizing what I’m learning through some courses at ClickinMoms about light.

I’m trying to pay attention to the direction of the light in my photos and how it is hitting my subject.

I enjoy when I capture something unique from what I used to capture and when my photos pop more because of how I positioned myself to find that perfect light.


Limiting sessions and why that’s a good thing for you the client {Pennsylvania and New York Lifestyle Photographer}

I’ll be limiting my sessions to one or two a month starting Nov. 1. To some this sounds like a bad move for someone “in business”  but for the clients who choose me to capture their lives or their moments, or their events, this is the best possible decision I could make.

For me, photography has become more about quality and less about quantity. I’m starting to worry less and less about how many sessions I have a week or a month. I would rather focus on the quality of each session and to do that I need to let ago of a lot of preconceived notions I have been holding about photography as a business.

My goal during a session is not to produce as many photos as I can in a half hour to an hour session, but to produce meaningful images. It’s my goal and I don’t think I’ve been meeting my goal. This is making me discouraged in my photography journey and discouraged isn’t a healthy place for me to be.

I’ve been putting aside a lot of what I want this business of mine to be for a very long time.

I don’t want photography to be a deep, dark, complicated and scary business for me. I want photography to be what it has always been — an outlet for me to meet others and connect with them on a visual level, not just on a “service” level.

While I want to serve the needs of those looking for family and child and senior photography, I want to be that creative connection between them and images of themselves or their loved ones.

When you book a session with Lisa R. Howeler, Lifestyle Photographer (yes, I am making my entire family call me this now…why?) I want your session to be unique, different, authentic, organic, and real. I want to produce emotive art you’ll hang on your wall, not just post on your Facebook page.

So, you’ll start noticing some changes around this blog and on my Facebook page. I’ll be posting more photography projects and less offers for discoutnted sessions. I’ll be offering more sessions that are you and me hanging out in your home, or at a local park where we won’t be posing as much (though maybe a little for high school seniors), and where we’re capturing the real you, your real children, your real life.

I’m excited. And I’m also excited to start offering Cherished Sessions. Learn more about these free custom sessions for those facing a devastating medical diagnosis by clicking on “cherished sessions” at the top of this page.

I would be very happy if Cherished Sessions became the bulk of my “business.” These sessions are free to those who have been diagnosed with serious medical illness and their families. There is no charge for the “session fee” and a flash drive of the images will be provided and include fully edited images. Prints can be ordered and donations for families to purchase prints (at wholesale, meaning whatever the cost is for me to print is the cost for the clients) can be made at anytime. The family will be given a credit in their gallery for the cost of the prints when donations are made. All donations go directly back to the family and I will never make a profit from any of these sessions.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?October 29, 2012 - 12:47 am

I think it’s good to slow down and reassess things as needed! Good for you.

I Heart Faces: Friendship {Northern PA, Southern NY Photographer}

The challenge for October on I Heart Faces is Friendship.


Photo Challenge Submission

veraOctober 17, 2012 - 2:38 am

Love this! I have a three year old boy and he is so fun and sweet. this pic reminds me of him.

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